Acquia Raises $8.5MM Series C

This week one of Optaros' partners, Acquia (, raised $8.5 million in series C funding from North Bridge Venture Partners, Sigma Partners and CEO, Tom Erickson, bringing their total to $23.5 million. The funds will reportedly be used to help grow their enterprise business (and use of Drupal in the enterprise in general) and to expand their operations into the European market.

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Drupal Alfresco Integration

Why and When?

Choosing to use Drupal and Alfresco together makes the most since in situations where companies can fully leverage the strengths of both platforms and have the resources to manage each effectively. This may be a result of one of the two systems already being in place in an organization. Maybe the enterprise has an IT organization that’s comfortable with Java applications, while marketing or eBusiness need a more flexible “front-end” tool for content management.

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Drupal and Alfresco – a Recipe for Intranet Success

Drupal has been recognized for some time as a flexible platform for building lightweight social applications that go beyond “typical” consumer-facing websites, such as intranets for collaborative teams. There have been several projects over the past few years that have been aimed at making this type of Drupal deployment easier and more user-friendly, most notably, the recent Open Atrium release.

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Globe Gets Reprieve, Discovery Finds Success

In a rare good day for traditional media, the Boston Globe got at least a temporary reprieve yesterday as NY Times management reached an agreement with six of the seven unions with which it's been battling for concessions over the last few weeks. The holdout (Boston Newspaper Guild) is now facing significant pressure, not only from management but also from the other unions and its own members to keep negotiations moving forward. Regardless of the result, it appears the paper will keep rolling off the presses for now.

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Open Source CMS Drupal Helps InfoWorld Pursue New Content Strategy

Like many media and publising brands, came to Optaros looking to for new and efficient ways to better expose and organize content and encourage reader participation. It's no secret that traditional publishers are undergoing a sea change in their approach to garnering reader interest and eyeballs, while looking to cut costs and generate new revenue streams. It's a difficult, though increasingly familiar, story and a perfect scenario for leveraging the flexibility and economy of Open Source.

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Submitted by Chris on 04/16/2009 Login or register to post comments. Launches on Drupal, the Web destination of choice for IT decision makers seeking to modernize their operations using the latest technologies, architectures, and strategies, launched a new site this morning. The site is built on the Drupal content management framework (Drupal 6, to be specific) and is the culmination of a six month effort by IDG and Optaros.

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Drupal CMIS Modules Launched

Over the weekend, the Optaros team, after working with Alfresco and Acquia, launched the Drupal CMIS and CMIS Alfresco modules on The long-term goal of these modules is to provide both a robust API and a vendor-specific implementation of the API for connecting to an ECM repository via the CMIS standard protocol.

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The Drush Module

The Drush module has recently become one of my favorite new Drupal "toys." Drush, or the Drupal Shell, allows the site admin to do a number of useful things from the command line. Among the most useful is the ability to download and install Drupal modules without ever opening a browser. Just type drush pm install views for instance to install the views module. Even better, type drush pm update and you will be prompted to update any modules that are out of date. (Note: this doesn't yet work for core updates, but it will).

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Does Drupal scale (and what does that mean, anyway)?

As a consultant specializing in enterprise Drupal, I often find myself answering a relatively small (and consistent) set of questions about the Drupal platform early on in any engagement. Many of the larger Drupal sites are media and publishing oriented, which makes these questions even more common across projects. As a result, I've started to compile a list of most common Drupal questions and the answers I've been able to provide. First up is the most common concern enterprises have about Drupal - scalability.

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Changes Afoot

Many of you already know this, but I’ve recently made a pretty big career change that’s also going to bring our family to the East Coast. I’m now a Technical Architect for Optaros (

The new firm consists of a group of very highly motivated and incredibly smart people and the sense of teamwork is amazing. I have been welcomed warmly and put to work quickly and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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